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Окрытые методики рекламы и Public Relations

Vikentiev, Igor Leonardovich

     Born in 1957. Engineer and patent registrar by specialty. Previously worked in the Kirov plant. Simultaneously studied with older pupils.

     From 1989-1993 - leading scientist in a scientific research laboratory. One of the creators of the software "Invention Machine" (later called both Invention Machine and TechOptimizer), recipient of 9 gold and silver medals at international exhibitions alone.
Vikentiev, Igor Leonardovich
     In 1992 he was awarded a personal prize for his course "Applied Journalism" from the Russo-Dutch Managers Association.

     Professional inventor. Most inventions were made "to order" - to solve real production problems in mechanics and electrical mechanics.

     Author of more than 200 articles dedicated to creative solutions in technology, academia and business. Co-wrote and published the following:
  • Vikentiev I.L., Kaykov I.K., The Ideas Staircase. TRIZ principles in examples and problems, Novosibirsk, 1992;
  • Berezina V.G., Vikentyev I.L., Modestov S.Yu., "A Meeting with a Miracle" (The Childhood of Creative Personalities, St.Petersburg, 1995)
     Designed the "DEBUT" teaching software.

     Author:      Main scientific interests: creation of methodologies for the solution of creative problems in different areas of activity. Experience as a consultant - 25 years.

     Lead designer for consultancy software: "EXPO: 1001 - Advertising Media"; "HeadLiner" and "Journalism and Public Relations Techniques".

     Main consultancy fields: to 1992 г. - provision of non-standard engineering problems, design of the methodology "The Rewards of Advertising" - training of political figures (RF State Duma, Belarus Parliament), consultancy in State enterprises and private companies in the field of TRIZ and business.

     Organizer and lead figure in a series of scientific and practical Conferences, Chairman of the St.Petersburg Consultants and Trainers Club.

     Project participant: E-book "Introduction to TRIZ. Basic Concepts and Approaches" (official publication of the G.S. Altshuller fund).

     General director of the "TRIZ-CHANCE" consultancy firm.

     Publications - look here: http://www.triz-chance.ru/articles.html.

     Tel/fax: +7-812-571-27-27, tel: +7-812-970-27-27; е-mail: info@triz-chance.ru

     Expert systems produced by TRIZ-CHANCE ®

     Vikentiev, I.L. Do We Really Understand Geometry?

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Text and design may only be used with the permission of TRIZ-CHANCE.
Basis: "Authors Rights Law and Associated Laws" of the RF and international regulations.
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